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Let talk about something fun!! June 30, 2010

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Something fun…two things pop into my head. DISNEY and SEWING. The perfect combination. Sewing for Disney, now that’s fun. I am glad I think it is fun cause I got alot to do to sew for Disney this year. 70 articles of clothing. Yes you read that right. 70. And I leave in September. I better get to sewing. I will add to this later. I am off to the fabric store. (Don’t tell my kids that. They will throw a fit. It’s better to hear it when I pull into the parking lot then all the way there.)


Still trying to figure this blog thing out…

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Okay – I guess I will give this blog thing another chance. After several hours of trying to find a cute background, I gave up and forgot about this attempt at blogging. So still trying to figure out a cute background…any one have a suggestion, please leave a comment.


Hello world! May 17, 2010

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After reading numerous blogs about other super creative, wonderful mommies out there – I got jealous. Then I thought, hmmmm, I could do it too!!! I am still jealous because there is alot of talented ladies out there but at least I have a blog. Maybe – just maybe I can inspire some other hidden creative mind to come into the sun. Probably not, but I can dream, right???

First off – a little about me. I am Joni. I have three – count ’em – three kiddos. One is 7, one is 6, and one is 14 mos. I sew. Alot. So much my husband has decided he has lost me to my sewing room. He is right. Shh- don’t tell him. I can sew just about anything with a pattern. I started almost three years ago when I went to Disneyworld. I wanted to make a pirate costume for myself. I started with a handheld sewing thing, not really a machine. It was kind of funny. One day I might post a picture – if I have one. I avoid cameras at all cost. In fact, if I ever get into a tragic accident and the news studio calls my husband to get a picture of me -they are going to get me in an evil queen costume. That is the last known picture of me – two years ago. Okay, maybe I am embellishing the truth a little. I think of the truth as a plain pattern that needs a little embellishment sometimes.  I do it everyonce in a while – but I will always disclose an embellishment. Anyhoo – I digress. From the handheld sewing machine I moved to a sightly bigger machine. I think it cost me about $50. I quickly messed that one up and progressed to a $90 version. Then I found my dream machine (okay not really a “dream machine” more like a slighty nicer one with more than 10 stitches) on clearance for for $100 and have not looked at the other two in a while. I also bought another $50 machine for the day when I finally break the nicer one and have to send it to the shop. All in all, I have four sewing machines. One day I might get a really nice one. Then I will have five. Shh – don’t tell my husband that either. I hope he doesn’t stumble across this blog. He might be upset. However, I don’t think he goes searching for creative blogs from fun mommies on the internet so I might be safe.

 I will be learning the world of blog publishing and will be changing things around – alot, until I get it just right. So don’t be alarmed if things look different.

Off to find some cute background. Toodles